About Us

About Us

The California Parks Company

The California Parks CompanyCalifornia Guest Services, Inc. (CGS) dba The California Parks Company has been an authorized concessionaire to the National Park Service since 1977. In our 36 years of continuous hospitality service to guests and visitors to Lassen Volcanic National Park, we have always focused on providing outstanding customer service and serving as stewards of these wonderful and historic facilities. Preserving the ranch and the environment, which was so important to the Siffords, has always been of utmost importance to our company. Each year major maintenance projects accumulate. Cyclic repairs, equipment replacements and upgrades, maintaining the highest fidelity to sanitation and guest amenities in an unpaved, totally open mountain environment, all within a narrow window of June to September is a Herculean task. Serving our guests as well as preserving and protecting the Ranch has been a privilege. We learned the “secrets” from the expert… for the first fifteen years of operating Drakesbad we were honored to have Roy and Emily Sifford address our new staff each opening season to understand what Drakesbad is really all about. Hopefully we learned our lessons well.

Authorized Concessioner

In 2006 Drakesbad Guest Ranch was awarded the “Excellence in Lodging and Hospitality” award from the California Lodging Industry Association.




Clean The World Green Hotels
Drakesbad Guest Ranch recycles its discarded soaps to the benefit of impoverished people around the world. Read more at CleanTheWorld.org. Drakesbad Guest Ranch is a proud partner of the Green Hotels Association.