I have never been to Drakesbad. What should I bring?

Warm clothes for cool mornings and evenings, hiking boots, swim wear, insect repellant, sunscreen, and a good flashlight with extra batteries is the simple list. A light rain or windbreaker and long pants and boots if you plan to horseback ride are suggested. No need to bring hair dryers or curling irons, since there is very limited electricity in the rooms. (Our lodge lobby does have outlets, if you must use your computer for uploading pictures or work). Cell phone reception is marginal at the Ranch and we are pleased to remind you that you may go without email service your entire stay! There is, however, cell reception and internet service available in Chester.

Can we bring our pet to Drakesbad?

National Park policy allows pets in the park as long as they are on leash and remain off hiking trails. Drakesbad Guest Ranch, however, cannot accommodate pets in the rooms and discourages leaving pets in vehicles overnight. For this reason, pets are not allowed at Drakesbad.

Can you recommend any local pet boarding?

Yes, please call for reservations for your pet at the facilities below:

Chester Veterinary Clinic
299 Main St, Chester
(530) 258-4242

Almanor Animal Boarding
5194 State Highway 147, Lake Almanor
(530) 284-7777

My family is very active. What is there to do?

Guests can choose from a variety of activities including horseback riding, hiking, swimming, fly fishing, enjoying a massage or just relaxing in addition to children’s activities including archery, guided stargazing, nature crafts, and family adventures

What is the direct route to Drakesbad?

You can find directions and a map on our Address & Directions page.

When is check-in / check-out time?

Check-in time is after lunch. Lunch is served from 12-1pm. You can have lunch either on arrival day (buffet-style) or on departure day (buffet-style or sack lunch). The latest you should arrive is 6-7 pm for dinner.
Check-out time: Please have your luggage in your car by 10 am. You can settle your balance any time in the morning of your departure day.

Where are your Lodge, Cabin, Bungalow, Annex, and Duplex rooms located?

To get an idea of the room locations, please download this map of the Ranch.

Do you have ice to replenish ice chests/coolers?

We have buckets of ice for your beverages, but do not have enough capacity for replenishing ice chests/coolers.